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Retail Inventory Solutions is a retail and business consulting company, and a proud affiliate of Management One.  We improve the profitability of independent specialty retail businesses through successful sales forecasting, inventory planning process, cash flow planning, and employee strategic planning and support.




Nobody wants to miss an opportunity. Too much or too little inventory can be costly. Accurate forecasting and planning can help a retailer have peace of mind, giving the confidence to make decisions and improve cashflow.




At Retail Inventory Solutions, we bring a competitive edge to the independent specialty retailers, long needed in the market place. 

The Legacy



With a long history in retail and development, we can lead you to greater 

profits and success.

Retail Inventory Solutions is a proud affiliate of Management One

Management One™ serves independent specialty retailers, wholesalers, and vendors by guiding them in optimizing inventory and cash through effective merchandise planning.  Management One's skill and expertise is in accurately forecasting sales and applying the correct stock to sales ratio to identify the right flow and balance in inventory for each location.  Retailers who buy to achieve greater GMROI generate more cash, sales, and profit.  Retailers working with Management One™ have seen significant growth and return on investment since 1990 when the company was started.

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